Reviews about Prostovit

  • Justine
    Only Prostovit helped my husband, even though we tried many drugs, we even thought about surgery. Thank God it worked, because the operation was expensive and risky.
  • Maria
    As soon as I got prostatitis I stopped enjoying life, the pain and you couldn't go to the toilet normally, and the erection, I'm ashamed to say, was gone. And Prostovit brought me back to life again, I not only feel healthy but can hoo-hoo in bed!
  • Markus
    Drops are very supportive, not only eliminating pain but also restoring men's health. Whatever you say, for a man, this is the most important thing.
  • Daniel
    I know this drug, I ordered it for my father. The hospital wants to spend a lot of money for the surgery, it is good that such a tool has been invented, effective and most importantly - inexpensive.
  • Reto
    Every man is afraid to face prostatitis, so I take Prostovit as a precaution, just in case. He helped his friends, but I, I think, wouldn't get prostatitis if I took a course of the drops a few times a year.
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